starting the new blog

Alright, here we go! I just finished setting up the new (and first) brave rabbit blog. Phew! Doing that and the main website was a good challenge, especially because I have not worked with php before. The main wordpress part was not a big problem but tweaking the look and features to our hearts desire (more or less) meant a lot of digging into php, css and all that stuff. I am just glad that I don’t have to do it all day long. Just once in a while is enough when a change calls for a redesign. Though I find it pretty interesting, now that I would call myself quite comfortable with mel and also a little python, how similar all these types of scripting languages are. Of course it all works kind of the same, but for a non-programmer like me it’s still a challenge. I wouldn’t say that I understand all of it ( I couldn’t make sense of all the php variables and functions) but at least I was able to tweak it and bend it so that it worked out in the end. What took most of my time was the digging into the css stuff, figuring out where applies what and how the entire page is constructed. I felt like building my very first page blindfolded with boxer gloves on… :-) But now I am through with it – yeah-ha!!

Just one thing left – the two sidebars that were originally used. I somehow have to deactivate them to use any widgets. But not today….

Cheers, I.

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