Blend Shape Editor For Maya

SHAPES is a complete blend shape editing tool designed to unify the process of creating and editing blend shapes and correctives.

SHAPES allows you to create new shapes in a posed state of the model even if other blend shape targets are active. It greatly reduces the amount of technical work usually coming with the setup of corrective shapes and lets you focus on the creative process.

It not only helps you with the creation of corrective shapes but assists you in setting up the driving relationship for the generated shapes as well. Choose either between a regular set driven key based setup or the weight driver, a vector based reader node which is provided with SHAPES.

A complete toolset is provided for working with blend shapes, including mirroring, splitting, merging, duplicating and much more.

SHAPES is available for OS X, Windows and Linux running Autodesk Maya 2012 and later.

Puppeteer Lounge has an upcoming exclusive webinar about SHAPES with Andrew Silke. (scroll down for more info)

“SHAPES efficiently speeds up your workflow of creating corrective shapes”

Buy SHAPESSHAPES is currently available at a reduced
price during the introduction period.

Download the free weightDriver node

Sculpt and Model Everywhere

SHAPES streamlines the process of creating blend shapes by giving you the option to model and sculpt virtually anywhere. Whether you prefer the Maya toolset or decide to work in Mudbox, ZBrush or want to export manually, starting the sculpting process is only one button-click away.



A wide range of options is available to help organize all blend shape targets on the current blend shape node. This includes the ability to re-order the target channels and assign up to 12 colored labels, which can be custom defined. Various icons display if a target shape is either acting or driven as a shape combo driver, controlled by a set driven key or weight driver, or is being driven by animation curves, direct connections, expressions or other set driven key dependencies. You can also filter the list by label, name or target value.

Blend Shape Tools

To further extend the proper workflow of creating blend shapes SHAPES provides all necessary tools and actions. Mirror your shapes with various options, apply corrective changes to an existing target on the other side of the model or symmetrize your shape. Shape extraction and duplication is included as well as the option to add an external mesh as a new target shape. SHAPES allows you to interactively split an existing shape into two halfs or combine two shapes into a new one.

Shape Driver

Set up driving relationships for your target shapes by either set driven key or the weight driver node, which bases its output on a target vector and an optional twist value. The weight driver is also freely available as a separate plug-in to allow full compatibility if you need to pass your scene to someone else.
Shape drivers can be created and removed at any time directly through the interface. Also, if a target shape being driven by a shape driver is currently selected, the current shape driver settings are displayed and can be edited at any time.

Shape Combos

Shape combos allow for setting up dependencies between target shapes. This widely reduces the amount of otherwise necessary work with the node network. They control the state of a target shape based on two sources, which can be either other target shapes or the combination of a target shape and a shape driver output. Shape combos make it easy to only drive correctives based on the state of other correctives under specific conditions.


To further refine an existing target shape you can easily add new inbetweens at any arbitrary position and interactively re-define their location later at any time. In-betweens will also be respected when mirroring target shapes.

Download the SHAPES User Guide.

Buy SHAPESSHAPES is currently available at a reduced
price during the introduction period.

Download the free weightDriver node

SHAPES_webinarPuppeteer Lounge has an upcoming exclusive webinar about SHAPES with Andrew Silke putting SHAPES to work. He is talking about the inside of creating corrective shapes efficiently for an expressive facial rig. Click the banner for more details.

SHAPES in Action

The character in this clip has been completely set-up with the help of SHAPES by Andrew Silke. He has done an amazing job by pushing the envelope with only the use of some basic smooth skinning and a wide range of corrective shapes. According to Andrew “it cuts the creation time for facial rigs down by about 400%!“.
See also Andrew Silke’s blog at and also his YouTube channel.



Demo Clips from the Preview Release

The following clips show various features and workflows during the development period.
Because of this some features and options might be different in the release version of SHAPES.

A complete set of tutorial videos will be available soon.


These two clips show the very early stages of SHAPES:

CorrectiveShapeEditor Demo

CorrectiveShapeEditor – Sculpt Over Existing Shapes