bugfixes and mods

Maya 2012 layer editor display overrides fix   downloadinfo

Maya 2012 hypershade create panel fix   downloadinfo

Maya 2012 ik handle update fix   downloadinfo

Maya 2012 naming preference for import fix   downloadinfo

Maya 2012 selection marking menu fix   downloadinfo


AlignComponentAxis – simple selection based manipulator alignment   downloadinfo

PolyScatter – spread objects across a surface   downloadinfo

QuadrupedRigger   downloadinfo

QTown – build a fractal city   downloadinfo

icStretchSplineIK – build a stretchable spline ik from the given spline ik handle   download

icBuildJointControl – build a control shape for the selected joint   download

icActorTools – useful tool to help exporting a custom character to a game engine   download

icLinearColorChooser – pick linear colors for shaders downloadinfo

Modeling Toolkit marking menu – adds a custom marking menu for the MTK downloadinfo


extractDeltas downloadinfo

iDeform – deformer plugin suite for Maya (iCollide, iDisplace, iSkinDeform) download

transferSkinCluster downloadinfo